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Southern aristocracy is alive and kickin’…just barely. SouthernAristocracy.org is chock-full of meandering musings from a former English major who likes to fancy himself a Southern gentleman. Follow along as nostalgia is indulged and Southern aristocracy is dissected. Oh yeah, and some random ramblings will be embraced as well. After all, I’m Southern to a fault–and we Southerners know how to ramble until the cows come home and we hit the hay.

I started this blog in the fall of ’09 and wrote the following: “A few colleagues in the poetry class I’m taking this semester have expressed that they enjoy my ‘Southern voice’, not to mention my sarcasm, so if those come out in the blog, so be it. And I went with the title ‘Southern Aristocracy’ because it sounds so aspirational, which is pretty much me in a nutshell. With that, I’ll end here before I let my long-windedness shine through anymore. Thanks for reading!”

What was intended to be a showcase for my illustrious writing (cue said sarcasm while noticing the first, wretched run-on sentence in the above paragraph) quickly turned into a personal confession space for all the world (or the 2.5 people who read the blog regularly) to see. I beat myself up about this until I realized I was okay with this turn of events. After all, I’m always running out of sleeve to wear my heart on, so if the blog lets me air some frustrations and/or offers insight to others thinking the same off-the-wall thoughts as me, so be it. Without further ado, please join me in indulging in some nostalgic, eccentric, cathartic Southern aristocracy.


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  1. I appreciate your writing and what you’re trying to accomplish. I’m glad we met last weekend.

  1. My yesterdays are all boxed up and (semi-)neatly put away «

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