Banning the Rays

Who knew one could be terminated for borrowing a pair of Ray Bans for a 3-day trip to Palm Springs, which were carelessly left in a shared cubicle at work? That’s exactly what happened to me last month, or at least that’s the main reason which was given after the investigation into my suspension. Of course nothing was mentioned about me being sexually harassed in December, or reporting other employees for not doing their jobs properly, and/or those same employees gossipping and taking 17-minute bathroom breaks 10x a day to text on their cell phones. No, the witch hunt came down to me and the fact I’d “misappropriated property” and was therefore fit for termination though I was a completely model employee in every other way.

The bottom line is that life-altering instances like this can either make one better or they make one bitter. I’ve made the choice to let this current life circumstance make me better, and I’m so glad/relieved/grateful/blessed/all-the-words that I did. I have Medicaid, food stamps, pending unemployment, and a wonderful little job at an antique store which has been an absolute delight to go to every day. (It’s more about trying on the fur coats and buying things for the loft than anything else, though I obviously enjoy helping the store customers just as much as I did the guests at the hotels where I’ve worked the last 19 years of my life.) Fun fact: I had a little retail job in an art gallery back home when I was 23; my only retail jobs have been in that little gallery and this 43,000 square foot antique store. Everything they say about retail is true…it’s tough work.

The other bottom line is that there are people in this life whom will do everything within their power to ban any ray of sunshine or light you yourself project. I’m currently working with a girl who’s cut precisely from this cloth. (She also dresses very goth, doesn’t wash her hair or wear makeup, and I believe she wears men’s deodorant.) The way I handle her is to ignore anything she has to say except what’s work-related, and even then I ignore everything snippy she throws at me and others. She’s on her way out and she knows it. I–of all people–would not want a hard worker to lose their job. But she’s so obviously not happy working there and perhaps needs a life change of her own. Who knows; time will tell. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my own life change and am also enjoying being with Gerard for three months now. Always one to restrain myself and exercise prudence, I proposed less than two months into our courtship (April 20th) in front of my friend Kiki and her husband Greg’s freshly painted pink front doors at their Casa Lido Luna estate in Palm Springs (the former home of Vegas showgirl impresario Donn Arden, creator of ‘Hallelujah Hollywood’, ‘Folies Bergere’, and the long-running ‘Jubilee’ at the original MGM Grand/current Bally’s Las Vegas).


I’ll end here. Take it from me and ban any rays of negativity. Life is so very fleeting. I have my own pair of Ray Bans arriving in the mail, scheduled for delivery today. $50 off eBay with the vintage case…what a steal! Anyway, a Happy Memorial Weekend to all, and remember to radiate positive energy, hope, peace, love, and joy to those you come in contact with. They’ll appreciate it more than you realize.


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