Tallulah Dahhhhling

tallulah lion

Tallulah with her pet lion, Winston Churchill

Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.“–Tallulah Bankhead

Hope everyone’s having a splendid summer. I’m using this photo series of Tallulah with her pet lion as a placeholder for the blog I’m working on re: her ridiculously amazing life. (I knew when I read in Tab Hunter’s memoirs back in February that she had a black maid she called “Cuntie” that she was worth a read about.) As with the Lee Radziwill blog, it’ll take time, and even more time since I don’t have the luxury of writing at work any longer. I’m about halfway thru Tallulah’s 1952 autobiography, and made it about halfway thru a biography on her before I decided I’d rather hear about her from the horse’s mouth. Having seen ‘Looped’ in NYC on my 30th birthday six years ago, I knew she was quite a character. (‘Looped’ is a play based on an actual account of a heavily self-medicated Tallulah taking up 8 hours of studio time to “loop” one line of dialogue for her final film, ‘Die! Die! My Darling!’ Valerie Harper played her and was brilliant.) But there’s always more to one than meets the eye, and Tallulah was not only larger than life, but also very eloquent in her speech and written word.

So yes, this is just a placeholder. Hopefully not one that turns out like Lee Radziwill’s unfinished memoir, or Truman Capote’s disastrously unfinished ‘Answered Prayers’. It’ll be a nice little comeback blog if I can ever find the time and energy to write it. In the meantime, here’s a pic of Lee at her “Opening Chapter” book party at the Four Seasons restaurant in NYC. Sadly, the Four Seasons just closed its doors on Friday, July 16th. Definitely a part of NYC history we’ll never have back, but I digress. Moral of the story: Don’t have a book party for only your first chapter. (Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Probably Truman.)

lee four seasons book party

Stay cool this summah, dahhhhlings!


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