An Uplifting 2015

As I did last year, I’ll keep my “Favourites” list short and to the point once again. It’s something I look forward to as my annual year-end blog, and I’m proud to’ve stuck with it for several years now. Here goes once again…

ellie love me

Favourite song: As much as I didn’t want to name a ’50 Shades of Grey’ song as my fave, this song is amazing and encapsulates everything a pop song should strive to be. The movie producers actually did a good job of picking several catchy tunes for the soundtrack, and this is one of them.

fargo s2

Favourite TV show: Series 2 of ‘Fargo’. I started watching for Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson, and Jean Smart, and was smitten with the entire cast by the end. Great writing, superb acting, and the period perfect setting of small town 1979 made for a compelling 10 episode miniseries.

carol movie poster

Favourite movie: ‘Carol’ was my pick for my favourite film of the year based on *the trailer* alone. Adapted from a Patricia Highsmith book called ‘The Price of Salt’–which was published in 1953 under the pseudonym Claire Morgan–the story seems tame in 2015. Granted, Highsmith’s ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ was still considered a bit taboo when it was released in 1999 (and Cate Blanchett co-starred in that film). Either Rooney Mara or Blanchett will win the Oscar unless they both get a nom and cancel one another out. The film is gorgeously shot and should also be recognized for its cinematography, costuming, and hair. It being a Weinstein film, it has a built-in chance of taking home several awards (as it already has at Cannes).

Most Remarkable Memories: I started the year with a bang by quitting my job on New Year’s Day. I’ve never regretted leaving that way and I never looked back. Cashing out my 401K and taking some time for myself to regroup paid off in spades when I was hired on the Strip, somewhere I felt too old and too set in my ways to ever be considered for a job. 10 months after being hired, I think working with 12,000 other employees at the same resort has put a lot of things in perspective for me. We’re all replaceable, but we also work very well together as a team. Outside of work, I’ve learned the hard way more than once this year not to be so trusting of other people. There are plenty of people who seem to be friends, lovers, etc. who are worlds away from having one’s best interests at heart. Money does strange things to people, and I’m relieved to say I wake up every day grateful for a better job, a nicer place to live, a truck which is paid off in full, and many other material things which I realize could all be taken away in an instant. I’ve had a couple of health scares this year due to my drinking and that has also changed me for the better. In summation, I’m glad to still be here, working hard and enjoying the fruits of my labour.

Here’s to a splendid 2016,


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