The Great Debate

Debate photo Wynn 11.13.15

We were sitting right in front of the CNN control booth, AKA several feet from Anderson Cooper & Co. as they ran the debate. Not that I’m bragging since that also means we were in the very last row.

I was fortunate enough to get to attend the first Democratic debate of the season, which was held last month at my place of employment in Las Vegas (the Wynn, since it’s no secret). While I still consider myself a Republican, it was interesting to hear what the candidates had to say. Having never watched a political debate before in my life–I’d rather watch something more pop culture-centric–I found it interesting how the candidates could simultaneously agree and disagree on crucial issues by just tweaking the details of the matter being discussed to fit their platform/political agenda. Then I realized we all do that in conversations every single day to drive home the point we’re trying to make. Or to simply get what we want.

The debate I’ve been having with myself lately is to how to better take care of myself; how to nourish myself without feeling selfish. I read a quote on Facebook a couple of months ago which said something to the effect of, “You can’t help others if you’re running on empty yourself.” It hit me like a ton of bricks; this new job requires me to work a vastly varying schedule with no set hours or set days off, which leaves me exhausted in and of itself. I travel out to Palm Springs once a month to visit my friend Chris (who is doing remarkably better now that he’s attending the Neuro Vitality Center to help him recover from his stroke). I have possession of most of his personal effects, as I also do for one of my friends who’s been on a downward spiral due to meth and some other substances. The point being that I got so wrapped up in helping, helping, helping and moving, moving, moving other people and their stuff that I was forgetting about myself. Days off were spent moving stuff and storing stuff and driving here and there. Once I finished moving my friend’s stuff out of his apartment he was being evicted from–he was somewhere strung out and couldn’t have cared less about his stuff at the moment–I remembered the Facebook quote and immediately went into overdrive searching for a new, nicer place to live. A new sanctuary to come home to after a long day or night at work, to be exact. To my surprise, I was moving into my said new, nicer place in just a few days. Needless to say my own move was painless because I was already in the “moving mode.” Rather, it was painless until I pulled my back out about a week after the move was complete, but I digress. #whitewhine

Marble floors in the new place–even in my bedroom–make for lots of Cinderella-esque scrubbing.

I am off work today and plan to do several errands I’ve been putting off since the move…getting a flu shot, picking up prescriptions, getting my emissions test on my truck, renewing my library card, hanging pictures, etc. I’m grateful for a great job to pay for all this. I’m also grateful for the simple things and for time to decompress, de-stress, and just breathe. There’s no debating that…I am literally about to jump in a tub full of green tea and chamomile epsom salts and just relax and heal my back. Life is good, and again I’m grateful for everything I’ve been blessed with.

Hope everyone is having a nice, crisp fall. (We’re actually enjoying an authentic fall here in Vegas, which is a nice change of scenery for this time of year.)


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