Morphine in 2014

LDR shades of cool

My annual “Best Of” List will be rather short and concise this year. So yeah, here goes…

Favourite song: “Shades of Cool” by Lizzy Grant, AKA Lana del Rey. It’s timeless and the video link is *here*.

Favourite TV show AND favourite comeback: ‘The Comeback’ starring Lisa Kudrow. Thankfully we still have a couple of eps left as I write this. Not to beat around the bush: This show is comic gold. Check it out if you’ve not done so already. This second series was worth the nine-year wait.

comeback red curtain advert

Favourite movie: I brought this category back this year because I’ve seen one movie which I’ve literally been waiting 12 years to see. That’s how long it took the illustrious IFC to film it. I actually just watched it yesterday for the first time and it lived up to all my expectations. *Boyhood*, welcome to your awards season.

Favourite memories: I’m actually going to rename this category right now: Most Remarkable Memories: I could gripe and bitch about quite a lot, but I’m too Tucker’d out to do so. So I won’t even give examples, nor go into details; see previous blogs for all that. I’m grateful to still be here and to have the chance to work on my sobriety, which has been sorely lacking lately. To say I’ve been numbing myself from all the pain and stress–a la morphine–would be an understatement.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


mariah festive

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