The Sleeve Has Run Out

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When I started this blog on the recommendation of a college professor, it was to be a platform for my professional writing skills and one which I could hyperlink on my electronic resume, etc. Over the course of five or however many years later, it became something much more personal than that…a child which I babied, coddled, promoted, pushed into the spotlight, and bragged about when I felt it had come into its own. A week ago today, I realized someone on Facebook had stolen a photo from a blog I wrote two years ago. A photo of my beloved Granny which I myself took at her request, and this person used it as the illustration for a joke that now has over 725K “Likes” and 370K “Shares.” I’ve asked the gentleman to remove the photo, I’ve reported him, and thus far nothing has been done about it (others have reported him as well). Clearly if I had it all to do over again, I would never have shared that treasured photo on this blog. Even though it perfectly illustrated my point about how much I loved my Granny–and how glad she was to see me the first time I visited home from Las Vegas–I regret that it will now be online forever and linked to that joke which I have no say in or control over. As I said on Facebook when I found out about the pic being stolen, this truly is why we can’t have nice things.

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So this is where I leave you for now, my fair readers, subscribers, and–yes–you picture-stealers and GIF Googlers. (Besides the Lee Radziwill blog, the GIFs and memes have routed the most traffic to the site…and I myself pilfered all those off of Tumblr!) We all need a break from time to time, even from the things we love. My faith in humanity has not been ruined by one thoughtless person, but I do not intend on being taken advantage of again. Nor do I want to put my loved ones, friends, or anyone else in that position. It’s time to step back and take a break for awhile and put everything in perspective. I’ve not been blogging very regularly anyway, and I actually get many more hits when I don’t blog than when I post a new one (Murphy’s Law?). With that, I’m out for now. I have run outta sleeve to wear my heart on, as my patented saying goes. And yes, I give anyone who wants to permission to steal that from me. Until I return, thanks as always for the support. I’ll be back sooner than later, I’m sure.


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  1. Oh my God, I am so sorry to hear that happened, Brian. What is WRONG with people? 😦

    • Sorry for the delayed response, Gray. Hasn’t someone pilfered one of your photos before (I’m almost thinking it was a tourism-affiliated site in San Antonio)? Perhaps we should be flattered, but permission asked would be nice. And I have a friend who knows how to remove watermarks, so those don’t help much IMHO. I’m just taking a little break for now, a la Chuckmonster on VegasTripping. When it’s not fun anymore, one knows it’s time to take a breather.


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