Catty, Corny Challenge

I made a pledge on my Facebook to post these GIFs of a cat eating corn if I got 10 “Likes” on the screen shot I took of the GIFs (GIFs aren’t allowed on FB, hence I put so many of them here on my blog). In the “challenge,” I stated that I’d either post the GIFs as a stand-alone blog or donate $10 to my own bank account (cue the sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell). I only got 3 “Likes,” but I’m still posting the GIFs (mainly for my own amusement) and I’m also donating $50 to Imagine No Malaria, which is an initiative by the United Methodist Church to end malaria. To be quite frank, there’s plenty of people dumping gallons of clean, perfectly good ice water on their heads when plenty of children in Africa don’t know what cold, clean drinking water is. We flush our toilets full of sanitized water multiple times a day. It’s no laughing matter to me when people are wasting all this perfectly good water to raise $$$ for a cause, no matter what it is. So yeah, I invented my own challenge and donated accordingly.

I think it’s a shame we’ve resorted to such gimmicks to fund medical research in this day and age. That being said, plenty of things being sold rely on gimmicks, whether it be pop music or candy bars. Kudos to the ALS for all the $$$ they’ve raised. I think it’s one thing for teams to dump leftover ice from the sidelines on a coach or player, but all the clean drinking water and ice that’s been wasted on this fundraiser quite frankly disgusts me. But that’s just my opinion and we’re all entitled to our own thoughts on such issues. On that note, enjoy the cat eating the corn…no clean drinking water or ice was wasted frivolously posting these to my blog.

Stay cool, everyone!


[Off my catty soapbox now]

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