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This isn’t so much a full-fledged blog entry, but a thank-you to whomever linked my blog to yesterday. Out of my personal best 228 views yesterday, 39 were referred from the QVC message boards, and 145 of the total views were of my Lee Radziwill blog. Not to toot my own horn–well, actually that’s exactly what I’m doing!–I knew when I wrote that one and assembled all the accompanying photos that it was one of my best. Mainly because a lot of my heart at the time was invested in that piece, and it by far took the longest to compose of any blog I’ve written thus far. Ms. Radziwill is a fascinating, polarizing personality; if I might say, I’m reading a 2013 bio on Ava Gardner right now that pales in comparison to the one I read on Lee. Coincidentally, the defining difference between the two is that Lee confronted her alcoholism and Ava chose to wallow in hers. (This coming from a stolid Ava fan who’s read her 1990 autobiography. The one I’m currently reading is Ava Gardner: The Personal Conversations written by her chosen ghostwriter Peter Evans, who was sued by her ex-husband Sinatra and fired by Gardner herself for planning a more factual autobiography. The one he finally published last year is harrowingly factual. Based on their recorded conversations, Ava was inebriated most of her last few years.)

So thanks for the views, thanks for the links, thanks for the comments, thanks for the clicks and referrals…it’s all much appreciated and (yes, I must admit) makes me feel validated in the work I’ve done on here. I just renewed the domain name for another year, so here’s to a great year ahead, chock-full of many more inspired posts.


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