Necessary Coddling

There was a scene on the ABC show ‘Once & Again’ several years back where the sisters–played by Marin Hinkle and the Emmy Award-winning Sela Ward–were going back and forth regarding which of them would get to keep their recently deceased mother’s egg coddler. I may be remembering the scene wrong, but it quickly became much less about the porcelain object and much more about the memories and their mom’s affection. I’ve been thinking during this last week about that scene. We all want to be coddled; not in a silly, overly indulgent way as the definition implies, but protected and insulated from the inexplicable horrors of this world. Much of the time that’s less to do with physical protection than emotional protection. Having someone to call, knowing we’re loved, hoping we’re protected in times of peril. There’s no guarantees in this life, but being buffered from the evils helps.

That’s honestly all that’s on my mind this week. I think taking the time to let one another know we care about each other is important, and we don’t do it nearly enough. We do it in passing just to be polite; it’s something completely different to stop what you’re doing and listen to (coddle?) someone when they need someone to talk to listen to them. We all need that, whether or not we realize it or want to admit it. And we all need to do a better job of being the listener, which is particularly hard for those of us who fancy ourselves gifted storytellers (cue the laugh track).

In other news, I’ll be on “vacation” in two weeks, for an overdue visit home and waaaay overdue time off from work. I can’t wait; I always get nostalgic and a tiny bit homesick in the days leading up to my trips home. This real-life Salem the Robot Cat perfectly illustrates what I’ll feel like once I land in Valdosta:

And here’s one more GIF, just because I found it amusing and where else am I going to insert a flying snake with its head in a balloon on this blog? (That was a rhetorical question; knowing me, I could find a literal use for it!) Thanks for reading–brt

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