So the blog’s been a bit lacking lately, and this is pretty much a post solely to admit that I fully realize that. Life is going well, and for whatever reason(s) that frame of mind doesn’t lend itself to inspired blog-writing. Cue the screen shots, etc. that have been making up most blog entries lately. Well, those and Salem the Robot Cat…

I’ve figured out–rather, the blog hits and stats tell me–that people would much rather read about a heroic struggle over alcoholism, or see vintage Las Vegas pics (hence the screen shots), or–and I’ll never understand this one–utilize the search term “Head of the Class.” (I used one ‘Head of the Class’ cast photo back when I was finishing college and no joke that it’s chronically one of the most frequent search terms that brings people to the blog!) Most people aren’t all that interested in, “Life is going well and here’s another ‘Girls’ GIF” posts. Such as this one you’re reading, speak of the devil. On that note, I took the time to type out the prologue and epilogue from last night’s ‘Enlightened’ season (probably series) finale. So here are those regurgitated shamelessly, as Mike White’s production skills are amazing and deserve to be regurgitated for his epic writing:

“How strange is this life? To be born into a body to certain uncertain parents in this beautiful, upsetting world. It’s so bizarre. Am I my higher self? Or am I in the mud? Am I an agent of change or a creator of chaos? Am I the fool, the goat, the witch…or am I enlightened?/There’s so much I don’t understand, but this I know: You can wake up to your higher self. You can be patient, and you can be kind. You can be wise and almost whole. You can walk out of hell and into the light. You don’t have to run away from life your whole life. You can really live. And you can change. And you can be an agent of change.”

Silhouette of Laura Dern during the prologue of ‘Enlightened’ last night

I’m currently reading three books simultaneously and will hopefully have a glorified book report on one of those soon. Ashley Judd’s book is at the forefront, and it’s a great book that has made for slow reading due to how empassioned she is about world issues and her own feelings. (It’s dense, in other words…not a light read.) She is on the front page of ‘USA Today’ today in an article regarding her possible run for the Senate next year, as a Democrat from Kentucky. I have no doubt that if she puts her brilliant mind to it, she’ll succeed. She’s already a remarkable agent of change, with or without the title of an elected government official.

Aaron Eckhart and Ashley Judd in a publicity still from 'Olympus Has Fallen', which premieres in theatres on 3.22.13.

Aaron Eckhart and Ashley Judd in a publicity still from ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, which premieres in theatres on 3.22.13

It’s March! Enjoy the sunshine, breezes, and blooms which abound this time of year. I know that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Stay well and don’t be lacking in happiness. I may be lacking in creative, witty blog entries, but I’m not lacking in happiness.


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  1. shannon

     /  March 4, 2013

    I like the “boring” blogposts. It means things are how they should be! 🙂 send some of that las vegas warmth over here!


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