This Week in GIFs and Pics

I’ve had a great week realizing that I had to get through the harsh reality thrust upon me last week to enjoy the good times this week. The icing on the cake was finally getting an appointment with the addiction specialist and Christian therapist who was my top choice two months ago. Normally the wait is a month long once you request an appointment and your insurance is verified, but her secretary fit me in for 10 days from today by some miracle (and since I officially cut ties with the other addiction specialist after weeks of being unsure). Hopefully my mind won’t feel quite as whoosh-y by the appointment; there’s still so many thoughts whirring around in my head, which is why this is going to be a blog of GIFs and photos as opposed to certifiably rambling thoughts and feelings. I’m glad to say I bought a copy of The Big Book at AA and will blog about it once I read a bit more of it. In the meantime, enjoy the halftime show…

Requisite new Salem the Robot Cat GIF…one of my favourite Tumblrs is nothing but Salem and his words of wisdom.

I’m glad to say that I’m finally past this point. Again, one has to get through the bad to get to the good sometimes.

Two Sue Ellen Ewing GIFs/memes in a row popped up in my Tumblr feed the other day. This was the first one…

And this is the second one. Sue Ellen was chronically drunk for several seasons of the original run of ‘Dallas’. In the reboot, she’s been sober for 20-some-odd years. In this GIF, one of the villains of the show is plying her with wine to prey on her alleged weakness as she prepares to run for governor. She promptly threw him out of the office. Good for her!

Smashing quote…this guy was a blind jazz musician whom someone is trying to make a documentary on via Kickstarter. I’m going to commit this quote to memory so I can use it the next time someone accuses me of going on this “alcoholic crusade” for the attention or dramatic effect. Christopher Kennedy Lawford was recently quoted as saying that AA has to come out of the church basements and into the mainstream if alcoholism is to ever cease being a taboo. I couldn’t agree more; it’ll take lots of time and energy, though.

Even Honey Boo Boo is gettin’ philosophical. Who knows what she was actually saying on the show, but the irony of her saying this quote in the meme is epic.

And there there was Hurricane Sandy this week…I couldn’t help but notice how the cutesy “Frankenstorm” moniker was dropped once her wrath was felt. Below are three of the most remarkable photos I’ve seen from the aftermath.

Flooded cabs, NYC, 10.30.12

Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn Bridge Park, 10.29.12

Ground Zero, 10.29.12

Seaside Heights (NJ) roller coaster, washed out to sea thanks to Sandy

I asked one of my friends who’s a Katrina survivor what she thought of the Sandy situation. She admitted she’d not been watching the news, but she said maybe now people would quit giving NOLA a bad rap re: those who didn’t evacuate before Katrina (she evacuated and lost everything, BTW). I’ll leave it at that, and obviously our thoughts and prayers are with our Northeastern brothers and sisters who are muddling through the aftermath of this tragedy. I don’t pretend to know what that’s like, and no one deserves to lose their home and all their belongings, much less a loved one. Events like this are a tough reminder to not take for granted what we have; it can all be gone in a flash, and/or a flash flood.

Before I forget, I want to give a shout-out to Mary-Katherine Ream, the photographer who took the photo I’m using as my new banner photo. I’m borderline obsessed with the original photo, which was taken seven years ago almost to the day. You can find her Flickr here, and I hope she doesn’t mind me cropping the photo for my blog banner. Here’s the original:

I want to end with one of my favourite quotes; much like the Dolly Parton quote at the top of the blog, this one from Hollywood royalty (and a fellow addict and whooshy-brained person) has gotten me through some tough times:

“If my life wasn’t funny it would just be true and that is unacceptable.”–Carrie Fisher

Here’s to a November to be thankful for!


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