What About Brian

There was a show a few years back (six years, actually) called What About Brian. It was pretty heavily hyped on ABC and somehow made it to a second season after premiering as a midseason replacement. The point of the backstory being that the show revolved around a single guy named Brian whom everyone was always trying to fix up, fix, and generally make a “better person” (big quotes). The novelty wore off quick, as one can imagine. I only watched the pilot and I distinctly remember the Rosanna Arquette character, who was playing his sister, telling one of the other female characters that they needed to make sure Brian (played by Barry Watson, of 7th Heaven fame) got a haircut and started conditioning his hair. Thankfully, this line came at the end of the pilot, but it left me wondering who wrote the script. Being worried about your brother’s hair being conditioned?!? Get a life, Rosanna Arquette.

It’s been on my mind lately that many people–in small towns and big cities alike–relish tending to other people’s lives. Sure, their own life might be (and probably is) in complete disarray, but for some reason these busy-bodies get off on talking about others, counselling others, and generally doing their best to deflect attention away from their own imperfect, flawed lives. Not to get too philosophical, but this has been going on since Biblical times…the Pharisees were notorious for pointing the finger at others and judging them to deflect from their own epic downfalls. Interesting how some things never change.

The title of this blog was going to be (tongue firmly in cheek), TendToYourOwnBusinessstocracy, but as one can see, that’s waaay too many Ss at the end there. Bottom line: We all have our issues. Do yourself and others a favour and at least attempt to tend to your own issues before dissecting others’ problems, challenges, missteps, and shortcomings. Life’s too short to spend all your time “concerned” (again, notice the huge quotation marks) about others’ idiosyncrasies. What’s that old proverb about (not) being able to see the toothpick in another’s eye due to the log in your own eye? Get a life, ______ (fill in the blank with any busy-bodies’ names).

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, y’all! And for my friends in the South, enjoy the rain from Subtropical Storm Beryl (what a name).


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