So I’ll just dive right into it…my new obsession is Tumblr (Google it if you’re not familiar). The above pic, which I must say is also my obsession right now (I have a bentwood rocker and love those diamond paned windows), is from a Tumblr I ran across this past week. Tumblr is basically a micro-blogging site (i.e., a sentence or two per entry) known for its GIFs which users create in hopes they become viral. A good example is the one below, which features the wooden, yet mesmerizing, Lana Del Rey (from her lambasted ‘SNL’ performance a few months ago) in the background of  a classic scene from ‘Scream’. Yes, Tumblr can easily become very campy and ridiculous. But oh-so-much fun…

Poor Drew Barrymore

It goes without saying, but I wouldn’t be able to become a Tumblr participant myself because (A) I’m waaaaaay too long-winded to average only a sentence or two each blog, and (B) GIFs take a bit more IT skills than yours truly possesses. Okay, actually a way lot more skills. But it’s fun to see what “the kids” are up to these days, and once you find a Tumblr that you have some shared interests in common with (such as celebrity gossip), you can then branch off and read that person’s friends’  Tumblrs (plural of Tumblr??). Very addictive, and you’ve frittered away a few hours before you know it!

I ran across this uncharacteristic (of Tumblr) rambling on one of the Tumblr accounts I now follow and wanted to share it. If anything, Tumblr is good for delving into the human experience, especially the experience of young, single, slightly (okay, very) self-involved people. But from that experience comes a good dose of self-awareness, such as the following:

I think the reason why nothing really changed is because I am scared to be outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes it gives me so much anxiety I shut down and fail to enjoy myself. I think it is a wonder I am not on any medications, or haven’t been ever for something like this. The reason, though, being that it isn’t some chemical problem, but rather a way I view certain situations that just needs to be rewired.

That is why this year I am pushing myself as far out of my comfort zones as possible. I have wanted to branch out for so long and I am finally doing it. For example, I always think back to this, but my roommate throughout all of college always took trips on her own and after school went on this long backpacking trip through Africa, India and the Philippines. She ended up meeting some boy in India and now lives with him in Australia. Me? I moved back home after college and ended up getting a job I absolutely hate right now. Not to say that either one of us chose a better path, but which one of us will have better memories later on in life?

Simply put, I can relate. I think all of us can, to a certain extent. Being older and more wise to the world than the 20-something guy who wrote the above, I can say from my own experience that medications only help those who really need them. If you’re taking them to sugar-coat a rut you need to get out of anyway, they’re not going to do much good. Sure, we all have to earn a living and pull our weight, but you can do so and also use your free time to exploratively enjoy your passions. I’m learning this more and more each day, which is why I’ve been challenging myself to publish a blog entry at least once a week. And to spend more time outdoors working on my tan, and exploring my new city. And, and, and…the list is only limited by what we make time and create passions for. Life’s too short to sit indoors in front of a computer…unless you’re getting paid for it, of course.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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