Semi-Microwaveable With BRT

That's not my salad.

Ever since I moved out on my own at the age of 19, my claim to fame as a host has been that I don’t cook. Like, it’s just not gonna happen. I’ve had people think I was being rude or lazy, but the bottom line is that not only doesn’t it interest me much, but I don’t think I’d be a very good cook. This shoe probably fits alot of singletons (did I just type that word?), especially guys. Nevertheless, I wanted to share some of my favourite new “recipes” (big quotes) that I’ve been trying out lately. I’ve been forced into “cooking” (those big quotes again) because the usually fail-safe Healthy Choice steamable dinners I love to devour have been iffy lately. I don’t know if I bought a bad batch of their lobster ravioli or what, but they’ve not been edible. Without further ado, here’s some things I’ve been whipping up.

-Simple spinach salad: This salad really couldn’t be any cheaper or easier to prepare, which is just what the doctor ordered. Kroger packages organic spinach leaves in a rectangular container that–get ready for this–doubles as the salad bowl for the last of three servings I can get out of the abundance of spinach in the package. (Did I mention I hate washing dishes? And when I do wash them, I wash them in my bathtub?) I learned the hard way that buying the bagged spinach doesn’t work well for me; the leaves get too watery and limp after the first time I open and reseal the bag. Anyway, I simply throw some cheese (shredded or those fun crumbles), bacon bits (or turkey pepperoni), sunflower seeds, and croutons into the bowl of spinach, and then top with one of the dressings I rotate amongst so I don’t get burnt out on the same taste too soon. I threw in the sunflower seeds as an experiment about a month ago, and now I won’t eat one of my own salads without them in there. I feel good knowing that I’m getting my daily dose of protein between this salad and the Greek yogurt which is my new dessert obsession.

-Homemade nachos: These could also be called white trash nachos, but they’re smashing nonetheless. Just scatter some tortilla chips on a plate (another advert for Kroger: their restaurant-style tortilla chips are amazing, and usually on sale!), and then top with shredded cheese before zapping in the microwave for 60 seconds. Bacon bits and plain Greek yogurt are also a nice add-on, but I usually skip those. If I wanted to get really fancy, I guess I could add some sliced jalapeno peppers. But I’ve not gotten that far in my culinary experimentations yet!

Wow, so I guess I only had two recipes to share. The one thing I actually can cook, from start to finish, is Rice Krispy treats. But I won’t insult anyone by putting that recipe here. (As if the spinach salad and nachos ones weren’t also insulting, but anyway.)

Happy microwaving to all,


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