These Are a Few of My Favourite Blogs

I’m at the crossroads in my job hunt where, instead of continuing to give in to the spinning wheels of frustration, I am seeking motivation from other writers. This, mind you, is still not much closer to freelancing–which I still consider thankless, rocky territory. (Just my perception, especially after being offered the chance to freelance unpaid back at my internship, which I politely declined for a plethora of reasons.) On a related note, I’ve been praying alot lately for joy…to find joy in the small things every night when I wake up for work. I think many of us are so conditioned to compete, to conquer, and to finish the tasks at hand that we forget to enJOY life. So relishing the work of other writers plays into this newfound pursuit of joy very well, and I’ve truly had a ball sitting back and reading some great blogs. Here are a few of them:

Dick Cavett for NYT Mr. Cavett wrote jokes for late-night talk show hosts before going on to host his own show in which he interviewed the Who’s Who of the 70s and 80s. Some of my favourite interviews he did are with Mae West, Bette Davis, Tony Curtis, and a 4-part, 2-hour interview with Richard Burton. Cavett has a great conversational tone that carries over to his blog, where he writes about his childhood, the hey-day of his talk show, contemporary issues, and his remembrances of celebrities who pass away.

Karlin Connell Karlin is a friend-of-a-friend whom I’ve actually never met, but I’ve written her before to tell her how much I enjoy her witty, well put-together blog. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a photographer, so the images on the blog are always first-rate and crystal clear. She’s recently been blogging less about photography and more about life and style. Her candid approach to sharing her pictures and her thoughts/inspirations make me eager to see how her blog evolves.

The Selvedge Yard I discovered this blog right before Christmas and immediately scoured its entirety for the vintage celebrity photographs I so enjoy. The blog is so popular that the author actually got picked up as a columnist for Details, but he stays true to himself and his own interests on the blog. I also like that he’s not given into the temptations of advertising on the blog, as I’m sure he’s had many offers. Themes of The Selvedge Yard include motorcycles, Steve McQueen, Playboy, and the 60s/70s in general. Very cool stuff.

Sky City: Southern Retail Then & Now This blog makes the list not for the quality of the writing or photos, because both are lackluster. (Sorry, I had to preface with that because…well, it’s true!) The subject of Southern retail is one that fascinates me as someone who recalls pre-Walmart days and witnessed what big-box stores did to local and regional shops. The author of the blog was intuitive enough to spin-off the blog into a Facebook forum a few months back, and I respect his willingness to let the other 158 of us in the forum share our photos, stories, and opinions. Now if only those could be incorporated into his blog, we’d have a winner.

Surfing Pizza I’m not gonna lie…I just stumbled over this blog about 24 hours ago on the WordPress home page. I’ve laughed out loud reading it a few times, which is rare for me. But he’s very clever with the write-how-you-talk style, which is endearing and draws one in, even if it does seem a bit weird that he’s nearly my age and still buying all these 80s toys all the time. He’s also good at letting his pics do the talking, and I very much enjoy the nostalgia perspective he has going on, so he’s my newest favourite blogger for now.

WesShannonJay My friend Shannon’s blog has been a favourite of mine since she started it right after the birth of her son Jay. I’m a biased reader, of course, but I thoroughly enjoy every entry she posts. She gets mucho credit for keeping up with the blog and posting as many pics and vids as she does, as I know it takes concentrated effort to do all that and keep up with a two year-old. I’m already wondering how she’s going to spin-off the blog once the second baby comes!

Happy 4th to all, and remember to take joy in the simple things each and every day.


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