Writing this rather than that

Instead of slaving away on my thesis, I thought I’d write a quick blog. I’ve also found time to search for long-lost people on Facebook, watch Catherine Tate’s show on Netflix, read Tennesee Williams’s Memoirs (it was on the same library shelf as the book on Oscar Wilde I was looking for, what can I say), and do several other things that suddenly seem so much more urgent than graduating. Our professor told us the other day that this feeling will set in; she listed off the things that she began doing instead of writing her latest book (washing clothes, buying groceries, cleaning the house, etc.). So that made me feel better, but it isn’t helping me get much written!

Upon pondering (redundant?) my bad habit of procrastinating and/or using the old excuse, “I work best under pressure,” I thought of many other big projects I’ve put off until the very last minute. Several science projects were completed in all-nighters the day they were due; I love to wait until the last minute to pack everything when I’m moving (so “I’ll remember what’s in which box,” big quotation marks); even my big ENGL 1102 paper was completed the night before–I distinctly remember hauling the boxy all-in-one Compaq computer to my motel way back in 2000 to finish it at work. In other words, very little has changed…here I sit typing on my Compaq laptop at the hotel overnight. At least I didn’t have so much on the Internet to distract me back then!

So, just for the sake of humility, I’ll flash-forward to Tues., Nov. 3oth, when I’ll be pulling an “all-dayer” to finish this for class that evening. It’s inevitable–I can see it coming just like one waiting for two trains to wreck into each other on the same track. But enough of that…time to get back to doing my darndest to procrastinate, which takes much more concentration than one might think.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!



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