Sweet Surrender

I just downloaded Sarah McLachlan’s greatest hits album (currently $5 on Amazon!), and as music from the 90s and 00s always brings memories flooding back to mind, here’s some that have come to mind listening to her songs from “back in the day”…

-Being prepared to volunteer for the military right after 9/11. Any American male around my age (give or take a few years) whom I’ve talked to about this says the same thing: if duty called, which it seemed imminent that it did at that time, we’d volunteer without question.

-Being so high on pain meds after having my wisdom teeth pulled that I pulled in a stranger’s yard on the way to Rome to ask him how to get one of the “Keep Our Flag!” yard signs after the GA flag had been replaced back in 02, I believe.

-Buying cigarettes and movie tix to Wild Things on my 18th burfday. Thanks to peer pressure, I wasted no time exercising my rights as a full-fledged adult. (I also registered to vote at Lowndes High that same week, thank you very much.)

-Running over our dog Libby’s tail on my tricycle. This might seem outta place with the other memories, but my sister Susanne and I used to love doing this whilst riding in circles around the carport. That poor dog…but she let us doing it time and time again! (See below pic for proof of us riding around in circles.)

-Being so overmedicated on anti-depressants at my grandfather’s funeral that I looked around and I was the only one I knew not shedding a tear. Turns out Hogan’s Pharmacy had doubled my prescription by accident, though looking back I think it’s the only thing that got me thru April 03. Some mistakes happen for good reason.

There’s others floating around in my mind, but many are too personal to share here. Plus, I only have about 15 pages of The Children’s Book–the book I’m writing my thesis on–left to read, so I should get back to that. But I had to share these while they were in the forefront of my mind. Thanks to Amazon and Sarah McLachlan for reminding me of these indelible moments in my ridiculously meandering life. I’d also forgotten how amazing most of her songs were!

Happy November,


Tricycle Circles, circa Early 80s

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