Head of the Class

‘Head of the Class’ cast photo, circa 1987

I had an epiphany the other day in Senior Seminar that our class–which is down to 14 members–reminds me alot of the 80s sitcom Head of the Class. 99% of the reason for this is surely because I’m still stuck in the 80s most of the time, but it’s also because we meet in a computer lab (the 21st-century version of this writing lab-type room they met in), and mainly because we’ve grown pretty close even over just this first half of the semester. I’ve had previous classes with about four other members of this class, and most all of us are graduating in December. Alas, there’s no Robin Givens-type amongst us, but a couple of the girls in the class could pass for the nerdy one reclined on the table in the pic above! And no, I’m not the super-nerdy guy in the glasses. Maybe I’m the fat, smartass kid?

I somehow magically got to class early the other day (literally the first time this has happened in years), and we were sitting around talking about how ready we are not only for the semester to be over, but college in general to end. I think I’m still in denial that I’ll actually be done in a month and a half, not to mention that my thesis is due in roughly a month! It was an odd feeling to be sitting in the midst of this group of people–some whom I’m pretty close to, some whom I despise, most all of us who are over the age of 25–and for all of us to be agreeing on one thing: school needs to be OVER. I can’t say it brought us closer together, or that we all shared a group hug, but our professor just laughed and reminded us that we still have a ways to go this semester before we can call it quits.

The next day at my internship, my boss casually asked me what I plan to do after graduation. Per my canned response as of late, I told her I really had no clue (which is eerily true). She pretty much offered me up an assistant editor’s job, but only if I was going to graduate school. I laughed way-too-heartily and said I was done with school for the near future, which is also way too true. I don’t know, I think I’ve shared this before in Blogland, but it’s a funny position to be in at the age of 30, on the cusp of college graduation, ready to embark on a new career after 10+ years of one that I’ve been in purely to pay the bills. I can’t help but laugh, because at this point I’d have it no other way, mainly since I can’t time-travel back and correct all the blatant errors I made along the way.

So here’s where I’ll end: I’m deathly afraid that on the last day of this class, I won’t wanna leave. I’m scared to death that I’ll realize after presenting my thesis that I’m still the same aimless, uncommitted young man who only made good grades in high school so he could park his ’85 BMW 318i on the front row of the LHS parking lot during senior year. It befuddles me that 12+ years later, I haven’t matured that much, really. But I’m pretty happy with my life, and I know God knows the next place He wants me to live and work. And that’s all I really need to know right this minute.

Happy Hallerween to everyone (and is it just me, or has Hallerween now turned into a month-long celebration??),


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  1. William G Schilling

     /  March 2, 2014

    brt, “A+” for your class report. Welcome to the IHP ,Dr Harold Samuels, Principal, Head of the Class,ABC,


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