Did we do X-rays??

I had a defining moment in the dentist office on Monday. Actually, both the hygienist (whom I know from high school) and myself had a defining moment. I must preface the anecdote by saying that she and I kinda got reprimanded by the receptionist for gossiping and laughing so much, as it caused my appointment to run over into the next appointment (which coincidentally was for someone else we went to high school with–this is why I love Valdosta). Anyway, Shirley Sue (I’ll protect the innocent) did X-rays on my teeth between us chattering away, and when the dentist came in a little bit later to look at my teeth, he asked to take a look at them on her computer. No joke, Shirley Sue looked at me and asked if we’d done X-rays. I thought about it a second or two and said, “I think we did?” (note the question mark). The dentist wasn’t very amused, but Shirley quickly pulled the X-rays up on the computer and all was well. She told me when he left, “Brian, if we can’t remember things that just happened a few minutes ago, how are we gonna make it when we’re OLD?!?” That, ladies and gentlemen, was the defining moment. And then the gossiping and laughing continued, because after all, that’s part of the fun of getting your teeth cleaned!

The other moment I had at the dentist–and I hesitate to even share this one–was having him tell me that if I don’t quit grinding my teeth, I’ll have none left by the time I’m 60. I truly thought he was kidding, and it unnerves me even more as I type this, realizing that I’ll be 60 in 29.5 years! This silly grinding started a couple of years ago and I was in complete denial. After all, there’s nothing elegant or classy about grinding one’s teeth. So I have a night guard that I’m supposed to wear every night, and I probably do five out of seven days a week. But he said it’s not only imperative to wear it every time I go to sleep, but that I might need to think about wearing it when I’m awake if I feel myself grinding them then. It’s all very humiliating, and it also puts in perspective how short life is, as it seems like only yesterday the tooth fairy was visiting, and then I had braces on my teeth. I told Granny about all this when I went to see her Monday afternoon, because I had to cut short my visit with her to go back to the dentist and have a chipped tooth fixed. True to her many times unintentionally funny wisdom, she said, “Well this is all really sad, because you have such pretty teeth!” It was also sad to have several teeth on my top front row ground down intentionally by the dentist to even out the chipped tooth, but I’m glad for expert dental care and the insurance to help pay for it.

All in all, things are going well. I’m enjoying my internship and learning alot-alot-alot (that=really alot!), and my class is also going well at the moment. Work is…work, but I’m thankful for the paycheck every week, so I’ll just leave it at that. I suppose I need to make all the $$$ I can if I’m going to have to invest in new teeth in 30 years, right?

Happy October to all,


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