Lights, Camera…

I just returned from my yearly pilgrimage to lovely Las Vegas, and I realized while I was out there that I was being inexplicably drawn to photograph all the lavish light fixtures I stumbled upon. So without further ado, here are some of my shots:

Payard chandeliers

Urban Outfitters chandelier

Interior entrance to Planet Hollywood's casino floor

City Centre lighted ice beams (they change colour!)

Main casino pit @ Caesars, which is original from 1966

Lighted Dior wall @ City Centre

Elvis in front of his Cirque showroom @ Aria

I've honestly forgotten where I took this one, but here it is!

Caesars casino lighting

Amazing chandelier on the Caesars wedding chapel mezzanine level

Very 60s-esque floor candelabras in the Caesars convention foyer

Mandalay Bay casino lighting (and a dancer on the left)

Bally's casino lighting=very classic Vegas

Another, more contemporary(?) fixture in Bally's

Love this one: side entrance to Bill's Gamblin' Hall

Requisite Flamingo feathers

What people must've thought of me snapping all these pics...

Storefront in Caesars Appian Way shoppes

Lights in a Mexican restaurant covered with fascimiles of old pictures

Casino bar lights

Candelabra in the Liberace museum

More Liberace-ness

Sahara casino lighting, most likely original from the 60s

Hysterically-named Sahara bar

Sahara lobby lighting

Retro-cool light in my Augustus Tower room @ Caesars

Venetian casino lighting

Palazzo casino lighting

Shoppes @ Palazzo lighting (great trio effect!)

I got this shot right after an uncharacteristic evening shower on the Strip--the sun had just come back out and I saw the shadow of the pendulum lantern light outside the Palazzo mall.

Wynn Esplanade lighting. Absolutely flawless.

Empty Wynn cafe

Wynn convention centre lighting

Even the Wynn bathrooms are decked out!

Encore casino lighting=red for luck

Encore foyer lighting

Brand spankin' new Encore Beach club--one side of the cabanas look over the pool, and the other side looks out over the Strip!

Caesars @ night. I'm a little biased, what can I say...

I wonder why my camera went dead on the last day of the trip?!?

I don’t pretend to be an artistic photographer, but my love of the camera has increased ten-fold in the last six months or so. While I’d love to get a better camera, I have the world’s worst (or best?) luck dropping cameras. In fact, I dropped it once on this trip, and once at my sister’s graduation in May; this somehow manages to happen during the five-minute interval I don’t have it on my wrist, which I’ve made the habit of doing out of necessity. Thankfully, this one is pretty trusty and hasn’t died on me yet. Perhaps when it does I’ll invest in a fancy one with a neck strap. But until then, I’ll keep the snapshots coming, especially of questionable, inanimate objects such as Las Vegas light fixtures!


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  1. That obviously should’ve read, “…one side of the [Encore Beach Club] cabanas looks over the Strip…”


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