Outside the English building, right after my last summer final

I must say, though it goes without saying, what a relief it is to have summer semester behind me. In all actuality, it flew by and was much less painful than last summer. The only academic regret I have from the semester is missing a few science classes; had I been there for even one specific class session instead of turning in the last assignment late, I would’ve undoubtedly captured the 6 points (on a 400-pt scale) which I lacked to make an A. But having no idea after doing so ho-hum on the first two tests that I’d ace the last one, and having also done the extra credit which was offered, I’m not gonna beat myself up too bad.Life lesson learned: don’t skip an “easy” class so much!

After enjoying some R&R on Wednesday, as well as taking care of grossly overdue errands (haircut, truck tune-up), I spent Thursday back home in three distinct stages, hence the blog title. It didn’t occur to me until I was on the road back to Kennesaw what a remarkable day it’d been. That morning, I visited Granny at the retirement home. They were all playing Bingo when I walked in, and for a quick moment (before Granny won, or the lady rigged it for her to win fair and square!), I realized I was getting a peak at her “real” life, not the show she sometimes puts on for me when I’m there visiting as her grandson. I also thought for a moment what long lives all the ladies in the retirement home have lived, and what’s brought them to where they’re at in the moment: playing Bingo for Snickers bars. They’re all so precious and I enjoy the interactions I’m privy to when I’m there visiting. Anyway, I saw Granny off to lunch for the tomato sandwich she couldn’t wait to eat, and I told her bye until the next time I see her.

The next stage of the day was lunch with my cousin Stephanie and her children. Jacey is fixing to be 8 (she’s surprisingly adamant about holding on to 7–she kept correcting me when I point out she was so close to being 8), and Noah just turned 5. I told Stephanie when I was leaving that they’re really the only kids I’m ever around, and it never ceases to amaze me what fun they have. We jumped on the trampoline, played cops and robbers, and played a game they learned at VBS that I’ve already forgotten the name of. Jacey got in a spat with Noah at one point, reminding him she’d get to drive before he does! I thought to myself, you’ll miss the days of being chaffeured around, but then I remembered how much I wanted to learn to drive. But to be that young and innocent again, when the main concern is what popsicle to have for dessert…if I could turn back time!

Finally, I spent the afternoon helping Mama and Daddy pack a U-Haul trailer with some of my sister Alison’s stuff that they were driving up to her this weekend. Daddy and I got the condo cleaned out–literally, nothing was left in there–and he told me about the girl he’s going to be renting it to. Then we got to Shiloh and unloaded some of the stuff not going to DC: the dresser Daddy varnished for me way back when, one of Mama’s first blenders (kind of a harvest gold colour and it still works!), and some Coca-Cola glasses I’d forgotten in the cabinets when I moved out. It was odd to be seeing all this stuff coming and going, and to know what a long round trip they had in just a few short days. But that’s what parents do, and we’re all proud of Alison for getting such a good job right out of college.

All this leads me to the point of the blog: life’s really short, though it seems so long sometimes. Even when this past semester began back on May 10th with Maymester, the end of July seemed so far away. But now it’s come and gone and I’m gratefully enjoying the break until fall semester starts on August 17th. Then before I know it, fall semester will be over, and I’ll soon find myself in a “real” job, the good Lord willing! *Then* before I know it, I’ll be playing Bingo for candy, and my main concern will be what I’m having for lunch. The cycle of life never stops.

Hope everyone’s had a good July, and here’s to a magnificent August!


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