Sometimes I feel like Mo’Nique

Contrary to the vagueness of the title, this will actually be a very short blog, mainly b/c I have 100 million things going on between work, school, and the whirring around in my head. The first order of biz is a big congrats to Mo’Nique for her Oscar…

The blog title as it relates to me: most people who follow the Oscar race know that Mo’Mo did next to no campaigning, i.e., talk shows, premieres for ‘Precious’, film festivals, etc. The reason she gave for doing (or not doing) this is that she hosts a nightly talk show full-time on BET (which is my new fave show to watch on the web when I have the free time). I applaud her for this, and it shows that the underdog *can* actually win when they’re by far the most deserving. So back to how I sometimes feel like her: against all odds, I’m back in school and somehow doing amazingly well. I know I don’t deserve the As I’ve gotten, b/c with working full-time and the embarrassing amount of time I spend on Facebook and the Hollywood gossip sites, there’s little time for actual studying! This actually makes me UNlike Mo’Nique b/c she poured her heart & soul into her performance, so a hearty congrats to her again.

I just wanted to touch on this past weekend. I knew I’d eventually crash & burn from lack of sleep, & it finally happened on Sat. when I accompanied my friend Jeff down to the old Lunatics’ Asylum in Milledgeville, where he wanted to shoot a short documentary. The weather wasn’t ideal, but I still took plenty of pics while we wandered around, and he was actually able to edit together the pics to make a short film (since his video camera didn’t make it out into the rain). Here’s the link to the video:

Anyway, after wandering around there and downtown Milledgeville for several hours, driving back to ATL seemed a near impossible task for either of us, and I happened to know of the brand spankin’ new Fairfield Inn there. It also just so happened that it’s across the highway from Andalusia, Flannery O’Connor’s fabled home, so in spite of being up for almost 24 hours, I made it over there to wander around for a bit. Since the vid above showcases many of the sanitarium pics, here’s one of me w/ the peacocks @ Flanny’s estate:

Past exhausted @ Andalusia, 3/13/10

I can’t help but feeling supremely blessed for a totally unplanned–but great–end to an overall refreshing Spring Break. I’ve been able to start off this week back to school grateful for the opportunity to finish the semester, and I’m actually getting advised today for the summer semester. Sometimes it takes getting completely Tuckered out to realize how much God has truly given me. The Lord works in mysterious ways, as they say.

Happy St. Pat’s to all,


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  1. This was very well written and I enjoyed the documentary and the music.


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