The Bests & Pests of 09

I end up saying this at the end of every year, but this one has been a “roller coaster of emotions,” as the ever-so cliche saying goes. The main difference this year is that the roller coaster mostly went up, up, up–this is due in no part to my own ambitions or change of heart, but solely to the grace of God. Had someone told me a year ago that I’d be living in Kennesaw and loving it, I’d probably have shot myself in the face! And if the same person had told me I’d make all As in my first year back in school after six years of being out, I would’ve called them a liar. Again, it was absolutely all God, and to Him I give all the glory.

With that said, I wanted to share some of my personal favourites from this year. I’m normally a sucker for the spoon-fed dribble, but this year was a bit different. Here’s a few of my random faves from 09:

Fave film: Lymelife. This movie will win no awards, because it’s pretty indie and has no Weinsteins behind it, but it was the one movie this year that I couldn’t stop thinking about after I saw it (Precious was my runner-up here). A stellar cast and some show-stopping lines kept me engrossed the whole film. Not to mention that I learned what a gimlet neat is from watching this.

Fave song: “Best Days of Your Life” by Kellie Pickler (w/ Taylor Swift, who seemed to be 09’s choice duet partner). I so badly wanted not to like anyone from American Idol as much as I’ve come to love Miss Pickler, but her personality won me over, and this song is playful and hooky enough that I never tire of listening to it on my mp3.

Kellie's infamous prom photo

Fave new website of 09: (no explanation needed, right?!?)

Fave new blog of 09: My friend Shannon started a blog, mainly about her son Jay, and very rarely do I read it without laughing out loud. Here’s the link:

Fave comeback of 09: Bad country accents! I have no idea if it’s from all the country music I’ve started listening to again (see Kellie Pickler above), but this has been THE year of talking in bad, and I mean baaaaaaaad, redneck accents. At work, on the phone, to myself, you name it…it’s been non-stop, and at times I’ve had to restrain myself from using it around people I don’t know very well. After years of doing my darndest to turn my Southern accent off, I’ve given into it and then some! (FYI, we talked about in my linguistics class how things like this start as a joke, and before you know it you’re doing it without realizing. I’m not quite to that point yet, but I’m sure I will be if I don’t nip it in the bud here soon.)

Fave TV show: I purposely put this one so far down the list because my actual obsession this year has been rewatching Dynasty, which is a bit humiliating (okay, alot humiliating!), but I was also fortunate enough to find this YouTube channel that has some gut-wrenchingly funny Dynasty dubs. Here’s their link if you’re a fan (most others wouldn’t get the jokes):, then scroll down the bar on the right to see the Dynasty dubs. Runners-up for fave TV shows go to two really funny shows on Starz, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed via Netflix online: Head Case & Party Down. These are both side-splittingly funny, in the vein of The Comeback. Sadly, I have no TV dramas on my plate these days. The Hills & The Rachel Zoe Project are about as dramatic as it got for me this year, after I finally threw in the towel on the mediocre Desperate Housewives.

Costume designer Nolan Miller w/ the ladies of 'Dynasty'

Fave unearthed TV show: Fawlty Towers, also courtesy of Netflix online. For the longest time I felt this show had to be grossly overrated, since it only ran for a dozen eps. But each and every one is brilliant, so I now give it its due.

Fave memories of the year: My Maymester film class (poetry class was runner-up, but was alot more work), a fun trip to lovely Las Vegas (facilitated in no small part by my good friend KC Whitler), my Granny’s 95th birthday party, an end-of-the-year/post semester trip to DC, and a low-key holiday season (thus far, anyway!)

Granny & me @ her 95th birthday, 11/09

There were also a few pests this year, literally and figuratively. This year was chock-full of alot of my first-time experiences with pests, actually. The first time I’ve been bitten by a spider and felt deathly ill, the first time I’ve had lice (gross, I realize, but to get it at age 29 as opposed to 9 is odd), and the first time I’ve had a case of dermatitis so bad I had to go to a walk-in clinic, a dermatologist, AND the health department. I share all this not to gross anyone out, but because I began to wonder what other seemingly dirty predicament would come my way next! The figurative pests came in the form of my ongoing battle, as a full-fledged adult, w/ overcoming procrastination in regards to schoolwork. I was pleasantly flabbergasted at how well I did, though I had a couple of slip-ups towards the end of the semesters when I was just completely burnt out. But all’s well that ends well, right? The final pest, and this one is directed at no one in particular, was the project of weeding those out of my life who were bringing me down. Whether it was blocking them on Facebook or just choosing not to speak to them in person, I made some key decisions to, quite frankly, rid myself of people who weren’t helping me on my journey. I’m sure this is coming across a bit brusque, but I realized–especially with school becoming my main priority–that I don’t have time for all the drama anymore. I’ll be the first to admit that I used to get off on it, but I’m too old and too busy for it nowadays. The only drama I want in my life are 20+-year-old eps of Dynasty!

Overall, this was a remarkable year for me personally, praise the Lord. I could write a good bit more about the plethora of deaths which occurred in 09, but most of those are still fresh on our minds, and I looked back at my Facebook notes to see that I covered most of them there. I look forward to a splendid 2010 (“Twenty-Ten,” as I hope everyone learns to embrace–enough “Two Thousand and…” kerfuffle!), with less pests and more bests hopefully in store for all of us.


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  1. Shannon

     /  January 3, 2010

    Great summary of 2009 Brian and I am so honored that I made the list! Thanks for making me smile today! Happy New Year. 🙂

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