Route 2/Charles Road/Collins Road Vickers Drive

This is the third poem I wrote this semester and it’s very near and dear to my heart. Without further ado…


Route 2/Charles Road/Collins Road/Vickers Drive

Because I lived on you for nineteen years.


Because it’s a running joke how many times

you’ve changed names, like hats or hairdos.


Because you’re still just a county dirt road,

even in whirly-burly 2009.


Because of your sloping hill that seemed so giant

when I was five and got my training wheels off.

(How many times we schlepped to the top,

only to speed-demon down in eleven seconds!)


Because of your almost cliché bend–

around the pines and over the forgotten culvert

that was installed when I was seven-ish,

to keep the woods from flooding in the spring.


Because of your bright red clay that would rut

until Daddy called “them” to come scrape you smooth.

Now you’re blanketed with heaping shards of gravel;

how brutal that would’ve been on little knees.


Because I think if you ever finally got paved,

I’d cry so many tears your ditches would flood.

Maybe then the wild blackberry bushes would come back?


Because I grew up on you, you’re mine forever,

no matter what “they” choose to call you next.

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